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2014 Season is Almost Here...
We only sell the best Altimeters, Audibles, AAD's, Helmets, Goggles, Canopies, Containers, Accessories and More... Many Products In Stock and Custom Orders Welcome...
Rental Canopies @ CK
PD Sabre 2 150 PD Pulse 170
PD Sabre 2 170 PD Pulse 190
PD Sabre 2 190 PD Pulse 210
PD Sabre 2 210 PD Pulse 230
PD Sabre 2 230 PD Pulse 260
PD Sabre 2 260 Aerodyne Pilot 168
PD ZERO 285 Aerodyne Pilot 188
Container System Rentals @ CK
Rigs for all sizes Over 20 Canopies
Vector 3/PDR 285-150 Canopies
Mirage /PDR 260-170 Canopies
Javelin /PDR 230-150 Canopies
Infinity/PDR 170-135 Canopies
Wings/PDR 190-150 Canopies
Icon /Smart 188-168 Canopies
Gear and Accessory Sales
Performance Designs
Mirage Systems
Velocity Sports
North American
Sunrise Mfg.
United Parachute
ALL Accessories
Skydiver Consulting
& Sport Planning
Serving DropZones Everywhere
Skydiver Support, Advice & Assistance
AFF/ A,B,C,D Licence Support
Canopy Downsizing & Gear Planning
Education, Information & Training
Helping Skydivers all over the world...
Novelties,T-Shirts & More...
Some Items Custom Ordered
Helmets, Altimeters, Goggles,
Batteries, Electronics and more...
Apparel - T-Shirts, Sweats, Hats
Shot Glasses, Beer Mugs Etc.
Jumpsuit's,Custom gear and Special Orders Available, Call for an Appointment.
Great CK - DZ Accommodations
Twin Otters, King Airs
Camping, Showers, Pool, Tiki Bar,
Outdoor Hot Tub, Clean Restrooms,
Snack Bar with Great Menu, Motels,.
Hangar Packing Area with Rigging.
Organizing for Free Fall and RW.
Online & Onsite
Telephone: 856-629-4600

Customer Service: 10am-6pm EST. Monday-Friday

Toll Free 1.866.Y.SKYDIVE (975-9348) Online Ordering 24/7
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